About Us

Welcome to TechnoRecorder.
“TechnoRecorder” – one of the oldest and most authoritative news sites in America. It was established in 1992, journalists, photographers, correspondents, researchers came to the publication from the editorial offices of regional newspapers, drama theater, etc. They had no training, and they gained experience and skill in the process of work. As a result, a strong professional team was created, which became the basis for the further development of the company.
Practically from the very beginning of our work, our journalists took part in all news newspaper and television news, and later Internet projects.
The main wealth of our publication is people who read us, who are always with us.
TechnoRecorder news program is a professional team of journalists, 12 news releases a day, broadcasting to the whole staff and a full picture of the day. It’s speed and impeccable accuracy in working with information and submitting materials.
E-mail to communicate with the editors: contact@technorecorder.com